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Anatec-LMT delivers first use application for Encoded Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT)

Anatec-LMT NDE Services – LMT Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT) — 931kb Download PDF
LMT recently delivered a first use application for the examination of small-bore socket welded joints using advanced Encoded Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT) techniques. The project initiated by LMT at the request of two nuclear clients was to develop an alternative to Radiographic Testing (RT) of these joints for Plant Life Extension (PLEX).

PAUT, unlike RT, minimizes radiological risk, is more reliable and testing can be completed faster without disruption of other refueling activities.

This first use successfully demonstrated the ability to detect flaws in the susceptible regions of the joints using PAUT. Examinations were performed successfully with no impact on refuel schedule.

Anatec-LMT Performs Inspection on Residual Heat Removal (RHR) Heat Exchangers using IM-2 Manipulator

IM-1 Manipulator
  Anatec-LMT NDE Services – IM-2 Manipulator for Heat Exchanger Tubing Inspection — 1000kb Download PDF
Several of our clients are required to inspect heat exchangers to meet Site License Renewal Commitments and in response to Industry Operating Experience. Often, these components are not routinely inspected due to radiological concerns. A solution was needed - and Anatec-LMT responded. Working with the engineering team at CoreStar International, a remotely operated manipulator system was developed to address these types of inspections. The IM-2 manipulator system is modular, scalable, and is easily configurable to address a wide variety of inspection conditions including multiple mounting options and adjustable coverage areas.

When one of our customers was required to inspect their Residual Heat Removal (RHR) heat exchangers, the high dose rates involved meant that a remotely operated inspection manipulator was the right tool for the job. An IM-2 manipulator system was configured to meet the site specific needs for this inspection, mock-up training was conducted, and the inspection was successfully performed in early November, 2012.
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